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Chronicling my account on NG

Posted by GearWax - October 23rd, 2017

This is how my account went on NG.

In May of 2016, I joined the site as a GD player, but not really into the game like others were. I uploaded some shitty Garageband songs of mine and had no idea of anything to do with the stolen crap. A song called "2 or 3 bits" was the first one I uploaded, and it was horrible. Then, one day, I uploaded an actually GOOD garageband song, still up on the site, called 'Equals Seven'. I got noticed by a shitposter who actually liked it, and I got scouted.

This all happened a DAY after the new rule of 'you had to be whitelisted to use songs in GD' came in. I was naturally pissed and I wrote a long rant about it. I got some feedback saying that if I was just making songs for GD, I wasn't really. So I dedicated myself to ACTUALLY making songs, as I was better than I thought, with perfect pitch.

So over the course of about the next year, I went and uploaded songs. I am still a rampant procrastinator, so they came out slowly. They got better over time.

This was the time I started hanging out in the Unscouted portal and reporting crap. After watching a video about the whole stolen music situation, I decided to try and combat it.

In May 2017, I moved on from Garageband and upgraded myself to Logic Pro X. I'm still learning the ropes of Logic, but I've been using it fairly well. Dubsyn, an old user on this site who I asked to review 2 or 3 bits, came back and reviewed my first Logic song, well.

A few months later, I scouted an account called InfinityOfficial and somehow got completely roped in with the name. That's too much to explain here.

Slightly later, I gained a trolling habit while playing GD and gained a hate base in the game. I was trying to reach RobTop asking to be verified for the game (this was back when I still cared) and propose a rule on scouting. This failed, instead I got RobTop turning my account into a meme and insulting me. I tried to explain myself in-game, but instead I got a bunch of brain dead idiots saying 'lol get roasted by Robtop' and shit like that. This drove me to quit the game, and now I almost outright resent it.


So there you go. My complicated chronicle of my life on this site. Hope you enjoyed.

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Also, from now on, I'm gonna randomly find one piece of unscouted music that I like and link it on my page in a news post.
If someone asks me to, that's an instant no, but I will do it for things I feel like it.

Wow... I used to like GD too... I hate the fan base because of the idiots that represent it :(

Also, can you please explain how you got a connection with Infinity? I'm just curious :)

I was the person who scouted her.