Goodbye, computer.

2017-08-11 01:35:04 by GearWax

I've cycled through three different chargers, and each one has failed in some way.

I've bought a new keyboard to fix the old one, but it was a waste.

It's unsaveable. I can't keep buying new chargers.

This computer will have to be replaced. Hopefully I'll be able to get Logic back....


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2017-08-11 02:16:58

Loosing your machine sucks.
Were you able to make a backup of your stuff ?

GearWax responds:

Yes, I've got everything I can backed up.


2017-08-11 09:47:15

Noo, what about the collab?

GearWax responds:

Don't worry, I emailed it to myself so I can redownload it.