Hey guys...

2017-07-10 21:29:41 by GearWax

Stained glass is almost done- I'd say give me 5 days to finish it and then 2 more to master. So, for my next song, I want to attempt an electroswing collab- would be about 4-so minutes long, have a melody I've already thought up, and has the Nintendo Switch click in there as a drum sound. Anyone interested?


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2017-07-10 21:30:29

Oh, yeah, also, I don't have FL studio, I use Logic Pro X, so I'd probably need to exchange MP3 files. Sorry!


2017-07-11 12:56:57

RIP you don't have FL studio. But I would love to collab, do you mind if my team can help too? Btw, all DAWS don't accept MP3, it has to be Wav. file

GearWax responds:

Go ahead, and yeah, I'd be fine for your team to be there.
I could also work with WAV, it would just
use more processing power.