Protesting against the NN removal

2017-12-14 16:20:40 by GearWax

aI don’t usually post about things like this.


But NN is gone. This is a danger to NG and other sites. Giving the ISPs complete control of the internet, making them shut down or slow anything that’s a danger to them. Locking down their sites behind packages.

That is why I’m protesting. I refuse to pay for any net packages or use any fast laned sites.

And I want this boycot to spread.

If you are reading this, tag as many people as you can in replies. I want to get the word out.

Other news? I am getting my computer back FINALLY,

@InfinityOfficial @SoundUnity @Dubsyn @MaiGems

Please follow suit. Just reply with tags.


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2017-12-14 16:48:18

if what you say is true, why didn't ISPs shut down sites that are a "danger" to them prior to NN which didn't even exist until 2015?

what if someone wants to say, pay for a social media package only for 10$ a month that comes from a small ISP? as it stands, you're forced to pay 100$+ a month for a larger package that includes services that a consumer may not want.

GearWax responds:

Well, 1. They weren’t but they WERE slowing them down. Now they feel like they can actually shut down sites because the FCC is supporting them. And B. True, but small ISPs have no chance anyway.