High School, yay?

2017-06-23 15:56:00 by GearWax

I'm a high schooler now.

Someone tell me how I should feel about that.

I hate untangling earbuds.

2017-06-07 15:32:47 by GearWax

Which is what I'm doing.

I got Logic Pro X

2017-05-04 16:46:38 by GearWax

GarageBand is awful.
I mean, it does what it's supposed to do, just not very well.
So, I upgraded.

Any song I'm making from now on will be using Logic Pro X. I'm really excited personally for this new change, and you'll probably see a spike in my song quality.

Someone please just toss a random genre at me.

Remember when I made that post about Geometry Dash and how the restrictions are unfair?

I take that ALL back.


I just took a look at the unscouted forum. What did I see?

1. Monster Dance off by F777, a song not on newgrounds, reuploaded by someone who wanted to take credit for it.

2. A fair share of Tobu songs uploaded by the same person (he says Tobu allowed him to do it, but I doubt that.)

3. A crap ton of other cases like this.


This reuploading needs to stop. It's a complete copyright violation and it hurts the original creator. The moderation system needs to be tightened, and quickly. I know they won't ACTUALLY get to use it in-game, but still. 


I've seen protests on change.org to take down NG for "fradulent claims against Dash"- this is complete and utter BULLSHIT. I can't honestly believe how far the fans have gotten. Yes, I play the game, but only casually and not enough to have songs not on NG uploaded for Geometry Dash. No, I don't support it. Just... if you're reading this... stop.