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Ever have one of those days....

2017-08-15 23:58:35 by GearWax

when you feel that everyone in the world hates you?

Goodbye, computer.

2017-08-11 01:35:04 by GearWax

I've cycled through three different chargers, and each one has failed in some way.

I've bought a new keyboard to fix the old one, but it was a waste.

It's unsaveable. I can't keep buying new chargers.

This computer will have to be replaced. Hopefully I'll be able to get Logic back....

I'm back!

2017-08-06 17:02:40 by GearWax

After buying a USB keyboard, my computer has been essentially fixed.

My laptop's being sent in for repair, and before it's expected to be fixed, I'll be in Portland for a while.

No songs being worked on for 2 weeks from now.

But, there are two songs I'll continue when it's done- an electroswing collab with @InfinityOfficial, and an independent melodic dubstep song.


Last Straw

2017-07-24 23:35:46 by GearWax

I thought there were at least some good qualities about the GD community.

I was wrong.

My experience with the community has left such a bad taste in my mouth that I have deleted the game and will never talk about it again.

This was literally my final straw, when I was addressing some serious song use complaints after getting RobTop's attention, which he responded to by insulting me and using an ancient 2007 meme. THAT'S what happened.

My life in one photo.

2017-07-23 10:36:32 by GearWax


On the left: One of my cats:

In the middle: Pokemon Sun.

On the right: Logic Pro.


2017-07-16 22:40:46 by GearWax

One of the songs I kept off Newgrounds because of copyright reasons managed to hit (somehow) FIVE HUNDRED youtube views. That is INSANE.

It could be by association with something popular, but still, holy crap.

So, plug. Here it is:


2017-07-13 15:30:36 by GearWax

Holy crap!

Finally done with Stained Glass!

(The heavy bass in the drop had to be DRASTICALLY reduced in volume, which is why you can barely hear it.)

Hey guys...

2017-07-10 21:29:41 by GearWax

Stained glass is almost done- I'd say give me 5 days to finish it and then 2 more to master. So, for my next song, I want to attempt an electroswing collab- would be about 4-so minutes long, have a melody I've already thought up, and has the Nintendo Switch click in there as a drum sound. Anyone interested?

This is me being a sellout

2017-07-06 16:53:51 by GearWax

I uploaded more of my work on Stained Glass. I didn't want to post this on NG because it would be spamming to have more than one WIP. But.... go check it out, I guess!